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The BMExt-GLtron Homepage

This is BMExt-GLtron.
Original program written by Andreas Umbach.
The two mods are written by Mate Bartalos.
This program is released under the GNU General Public License.

About original GLtron

GLtron was written by Andreas Umbach (and others). If you are interested in the original program or its history, you should see its homepage.

About BMExt

I first descovered GLtron when I was a student (at ELTE, Hungary). I loved it, especially when we played multiplayer. I had two ideas I though would improve the game: I looked at the plans and ideas on the GLtron homepage, but I could not see any similar ideas planned for the near future. So I downloaded the source (version 0.62) and started playing around with it, until I understood everything. And, several months later, I finished coding these two modifications. Next, I tried to contact Andreas Umbach and ask him whether he was interested in adding these options to the game, but our conversation only lasted for three or four emails (partly because I was a little overenthusiastic with the configure, make, etc. commands). So eventually (2-3 years later), I decided to make this site, and now everyone can download this extended version of GLtron.

Don't forget, this program was a modification of an older version (0.62) of GLtron!

How to use the extensions?

In the menu GAME => GAME RULES there are two submenus:
Name of submenu Options Meaning
ARENA TYPE FINITE/INFINITE Traditional square-shaped arena with 4 walls/infinite arena without walls
REINCARNATION YES/NO If yes, you will immediately reincarnate after your death, and can continue playing

Why "BM"Ext?

Obviously, 'ext' is the abbreviation of extension. As for the "BM": In Hungarian, the family name comes first, and the given name (what in most countries is the "first" name) comes second. Thus, my (Hungarian) monogram is "BM". Perhaps I'm a bit egotistical.
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